Serving The Pacific Northwest

Charter / Tours / Photography:

Central Valley Helicopters's, offers charter services to virtually anywhere, a private charter to any location or a real estate charter to a remote destination.


    We are centrally located near the I-90 freeway in the heart of the Kittitas Valley, Ellensburg, WA. We can fly two to three people in one hour or less to many stunning areas which include Seattle, Lake Chelan, Grand Coulee Dam and the scenic Columbia Gorge area.


  • Arrive at your scheduled time and bring a camera to capture your flying experience.
  • Total passenger weight must be 550 lbs or less for all 3 passengers.
  • Each tour lasts 30 minutes and costs $350.00 USD.
  • Yakima River Canyon tour:
    Experience the Yakima River Canyon where California bighorn sheep, elk, deer and many other species thrive throughout the vast river complex.

    Wild horse Wind Farm River tour:
    Take to the air over the first commercial wind farm constructed in Washington state along with breath taking views of the Colockum Wildlife Area. Follow the Columbia River along the basalt cliffs and witness the renowned Gorge Amphitheater along with the spectacular basalt rock formations that represent the great Missoula floods from the past.